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Pimp my Salad - Super Seaweed Sprinkles

What are Seaweed Superfood Sprinkles?

If you love the taste of seaweed, you’ll love our slowly dried mix of nutritious sea vegetables, raw sprouted sunflower seeds and spices! Seaweed Superfood Sprinkles are packed with hand harvested premium superfoods straight from the ocean, including wakame, kelp, and spirulina, whose high iodine and tyrosine content work to help support thyroid function. These savoury sprinkles feature a uniquely delicious flavour that will instantly transform even the simplest of meals into a masterpiece!

How to use Seaweed Superfood Sprinkles: 

Take your meals to the next level with Seaweed Superfood Sprinkles! Sprinkle them on your Asian style dishes, including rice bowls, stir fries, curries, seaweed salad, sushi and miso soup, or add a burst of flavour and nutrients to your avocado toast! Seaweed Superfood Sprinkles also come in handy as low carb seaweed snacks on the go.