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Mia the Lamb & Sola the Goat

Mia the Lamb or Sola the Goat. Each toy comes with surface textures that encourage tactile exploration while their ears and legs are shaped to act as a soother for mouthing babies. Sola the Goat squeaks when gently squeezed while Mia the Lamb is hermetically sealed. 100% pure and natural rubber.

These teething toys start as pure natural tree sap from the rubber tree Hevea that is minimally processed into durable 100% pure natural rubber. Certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free, painted with food-grade paints, the toy is completely non-toxic. Mia the Lamb and Sola the Goat are also earth friendly, produced sustainably and are entirely biodegradable.

Each item sold separately.