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Linear Pattern Jug

This graceful addition to the table setting will surely make things look classy and sophisticated, the linear pattern jug is sturdy yet charmingly built to touch your table top space with its fine smooth quality ceramic built.
The creamy white ceramic jug is smooth, its surface showing its slight glaze and its linear pattern adding a touch of beauty quite unique, the snout is built in such a way that it will allow easy pouring. The handle too is sized in a way that it permits an easy grip without the fear of an over large size which could cause slippage. The height of the jug is all of 23 cm with its widest apart being on top-with which the snout has been created-the base is round with the middle of the jug slightly narrower.
Modern and chic yet with the touch of tradition that all ceramic ware usually brings with them. The faceted body of the jug makes it look more solid and sturdy and well balanced in its design. At its widest the jug is 21 cm in width and thus its height balanced out wonderfully by its width