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Durban Earth Curry Rub

South Africa has some of the best food in the world and the Durban Earth Curry Rub brings all of these fragrant flavours straight into your home, enjoy your kitchen filled with beautiful authentic aromas! 

Perfect for use as a meat rub or marinade - ideal with chicken, pork, beef, duck or goat.

Make delicious curries and stews by simply adding 1 Tbsp with your choice of meat and vegetables along with coconut cream, cream, broth or diced tomatoes.

Also a delicious flavour profile for sauces, crumbs, pastry fillings, chutneys, you name it! 

No effort required, you will achieve an amazing authentic flavour by simply adding  Durban Earth Curry Rub to which ever meal you desire! 

100% Australian made and owned.  All natural and plant based ingredients.
FREE from Gluten, MSG, GMO, preservatives, dairy, soy, fillers, anti-caking agent and additives.