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Coffee Beans

Available in 250 grams

PNG Gold - (Single origin) Delicious premium coffee that displays amazing aroma and body with smooth creamy chocolate and dark chocolate flavours.

Doggfather Blend - (Blend) The base of the blend is Papua New Guinea smallholder grown coffee (the same as the PNG Gold). This gives the creamy almost chocolately flavours along with a smooth, nice body. Balancing this the Colombian Medellin adds in a little acidity and sweetness. The Sumatran Mandheling rounds out the blend with complex flavours, a very full body and a long finish.

Burleigh Heads Blend - Origins: PNG Highlands, Brazil, Tanzania, Indonesia, India. A powerful blend of premium grade South American beans, blended with handpicked washed Arabicas from the highlands of PNG, with a touch of Indonesian robusta for that extra kick. Excellent dark rich crema with an intensified body.